Learning to Skateboard

By | April 3, 2018

This post is for people who are just learning to skateboard. I will quickly mention the difference between the regular and the goofy stance. The Regular stance is for right footed people and the goofy stance is for us left footers.

Basically with a regular stance you stand with your left foot forward on the board, so that you are controlling the board at the back with your right foot. And obviously vice versa with the goofy stance. This will come naturally to you if you think about it and feel which stance makes you more comfortable and at ease. When you are learning to skateboard it is important to get yourself set right.

For some reason left footers do tend to rely on their left foot almost completely, whereas righty footers are more two footed. I know this from my own experience, as when I play football I cant do a darn thing with my right foot but have to keep the ball on my left foot all the time. Most left footers are the same.

Anyways, more stuff on learning to skateboard. When you get your stance right you then need to push off from a standing position. When you do this make sure your foot on the ground is ahead of your foot on the board, as if it is not your body weight will be all wrong on the board and it is likely that the skateboard will scoot on out in front of you. Dang!! That is so annoying!

So push off, making sure your foot on the floor is in front as you do so, and then as you push off bend you knees so that your body weight is pushed forward on the skateboard. This will give you the impetus to build up some speed and stay balanced on the board. When you are learning to skateboard, there aint no way Jose you are going to stay on that board if you don’t build up a little bit of speed.

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You can then, as you shimmy along, start driving the board from side to side as you move your body weight from one side to the other. This is generally known as carving and will help you to continue to build up speed on the board.

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