Learning To Surf

By | April 21, 2018
by sachac

Theres a truth that not many surfers will want to admit to those uninitiated in The Sport of Kings its actually easier than it looks. Thats not to say that getting on a board and riding Pipeline is something anyone can do, but learning the basics, standing up and enjoying the adrenaline rush that only surfing can offer is something that shouldnt take you too long to grasp.

Mastering the art is another story all together, but with the right tuition, theres a good chance that you can be hanging ten in no time.

The other thing that often puts people off is a fear of the ocean, especially in the aggressive conditions that often cause waves. However, unless you are attempting reef breaks way too early, a simple introduction to the science of surfing will teach you all you need to know to stay relaxed and stay safe. Learning to respect the ocean in the most important lesson you will learn.

For those wanting to learn, the first step is to talk to surfers. If you want to go it alone when learning, there are important factors you will need to know about surf gear. For instance, the uninitiated may think wetsuits are simply about keeping warm, but this is not true. While they will indeed keep you warm, wetsuits are also an important safety precaution, keeping you protected against the surprisingly sharp surfboard fins and any unfortunately placed rocks.

Choosing the right board is also very important, as is having a correctly attached leash. And it isnt just surf gear either; you will need to know the basics of paddling, duck diving and how to actually catch a wave in the first place.

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Surfing can be an easy sport to pick up, but you will need the right information before you first attack the waves. From there, its all down to perseverance.

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