Leaves wild hyacinth water vole diet

By | November 6, 2020

leaves wild hyacinth water vole diet

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It’s easier to control voles through repellents, etc. Your plant-selection possibilities are greatly reduced if you limit yourself to growing vole-resistant plants. But if you do choose to grow only what these critters avoid eating, be sure to select the prettiest such plants. One of the things that make voles so nasty is that they do a lot of their damage in winter, when gardeners aren’t paying much attention. They prefer to do their eating with plenty of cover, so that a fox or other predator can’t detect them and sneak up on them. Their shallow tunnels give them some cover, but the snow in winter provides much better cover. Thus buried under soil and a layer of snow, voles can eat plants’ roots in peace, to their hearts’ content. Even when the pests aren’t chewing on plants, they can damage them in the process of tunneling near them. The result of all of this wintertime activity is that gardeners, greatly anticipating the first flowers of spring, find, instead, dead plants.

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