Life long learning

By | April 14, 2018

We live in a rapidly changing environment that is easier to cope with if we cultivate the habit of continual learning to enrich our personal and work lives. Learning is not just confined to classroom training. In everything, there is always a lesson that you can tap on. Learning is like planting. You sow the need seed in your mind, then water and nourish it in the faith that it will sprout and grow. Left on its own without being nurtured, it will slowly fade away. It is up to you to take ownership of your continual learning. How do you learn to learn to ensure that new knowledge, ideas and skills gained are translated into new ways of doing things. This is referred to as a behavioural shift.  How do you engage in active learning to make the journey more meaningful, exciting and illuminating to the mind, spirit and soul? Here are some suggestions:-

( a ) Set learning goals- setting learning goals is a proactive step a learner can take to transfer knowledge and skills to real life. You should :-

( 1 ) Be clear of your learning objective; 

( 2 ) List specific steps or actions that you will take to practize or improve on the new skills. For instance, if you have attended a presentation skills course, you may want to commit to presenting a topic in front of your friends or co-workers, and ask them to give you critical feedback; and 

( 3 ) Set timelines for practising these new skill. 

( b ) Keep a journal – keeping a learning journal helps you reflect and express your thoughts, observations or new perspectives during the learning process. These help you question old assumptions and identify new ways of thinking. 

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( c ) Dialogue and questioning- You explore and discover new possibilities in the process of dialogue and questioning. Ask questions when engaging in a dialogue with yourself or with others. 

( d ) Teach it- We are all learners, doers and teachers. We learn by doing, and people learn best and fastest by teaching others. Teaching is giving too. By imparting your knowledge and skills to others, there is a multiplying effect. As you refresh others, you will be refreshed too. 






To observe good practice, exchange ideas and sharing knowledge.