MAFS star’s jaw-dropping weight loss

By | December 31, 2019

She’s the Married At First Sight star who won Aussie hearts for her outspoken attitude and larger-than-life personality.

And now Jo McPharlin, aka Foxy JoJo, has revealed her incredible weight loss along with a message to her 41,000 social media fans about “not giving a toss” what people think.

McPharlin, a mum-of-two from Adelaide, has been on a health journey for the past year and recently shared a snap of herself to Instagram in a polka-dot dress looking noticeably slimmer.

She explained while losing weight helped her flaunt a new look, she had also developed a more relaxed attitude in regard to her appearance.

“I used to absolutely HATE my arms,” the 42-year-old wrote in the post.

“I would wear anything I could to cover them over even cardigans or jackets on a 43C day but I learnt last year in fact that no one actually cared what they looked like but me.

“No one ever criticised them or made a comment on how big they were but me,” she continued.

“I was my own worst enemy. When I stopped and looked in the mirror I mean really looked in the mirror and said ‘stop being so harsh on yourself you are gorgeous inside and out’ that was the day that changed my life forever.”

McPharlin, an influencer and body positive advocate, said feeling good about herself was of utmost importance and helped her to stop looking to others for approval.

“I don’t give a toss about what people think I look like I am just me. Love me or hate me I’m just me,” she said.

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McPharlin told fans who had been messaging her about her weight loss it was better to find a way to feel peaceful as you were while still working towards a goal.

“It’s not about any weight loss at all it’s about feeling beautiful in your own skin,” she said.

“Whether you are size 6 or size 36 have lumpy bits and bumpy bits, have one boob bigger than the other, have a baby bump, saggy bum cheeks, thighs that rub together.”

She encouraged those who might be struggling to “start the new year shouting to the world, I am good enough, love me as I am or sod off”.

“Embrace your body everyone, you only have one start loving it,” she wrote.

“As a very wise person said to me you only die once but you live everyday so start bloody living and enjoying life before it’s too late.”

While the MAFS star’s message clearly struck a chord, there were some fans concerned she may have opted for weight-loss surgery given how quickly she lost weight.

In reply to one person’s question about this, McPharlin said she had been working hard to transform her body for a year and that she attributed her success to meal planning, no carbs, no junk food and no alcohol.

“(It has been) hard work but I’m starting to introduce everything back into my life again now slowly,” she said.

“No big story no magic potion just flat out hard work.”

Fans celebrating the star’s message left an array of comments, many thanking her for being willing to share her “inspirational” story.

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“This is me right now,” said one, adding: I know I’m my worst enemy, thank you for sharing your story I needed this.

“Will try to practice (sic) more self love in the new year. Wishing you all the best for 2020!”

Another said: “Can totally relate. I hated my arms, still have issues with them. But I’m getting better at accepting my body.”

“You look sensational either way.,” a third chimed in. “Be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.”

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