Melody Rae’s Sexy, Toned Body is Sure to Spice up Your Newsfeed

By | March 25, 2021

Instagram influencer Melody Rae is a masterclass at multitasking, that much is for sure. This blonde hottie has made quite the rep for herself by sharing her words of passion (she’s a writer specializing in self-help, pretty snazzy!), and showing off that slim, tight body of hers, honed to a fault by her dancing routines.

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Ah, the benefits of being a dance meditator. While not wowing you with those skills she’s determined to make her followers’ hearts skip a beat or 2 with her jaw-droppingly sexy bikini pics! This woman does it all, and does it in style, too!

But that’s not all, this lovely lady is the co-founder of The Total BodyBand, an earnest company with a vested interest in selling fitness products. She’s got the body of an angel and the brain of a businesswoman. Smart and sexy (our kinda woman, for sure!) 

Packed to the brim with vibrant shots of her lounging in a bikini, gettin’ a move on to maintain that killer bod, or even short vids here ‘n there, she’s got something for everyone. But it’s all fun ‘n games till she breaks out a good shot of her tight abs, of course….and man, are they a sight to behold! 

So, the next time you’re feeling down and need yourself a pick me up delivered to you by a hottie with a body mixed with a positive personality, look no further than Melody Rae. You can follow her on Instagram @Hoops2Heels.

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