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By | November 12, 2021

On 11.11.2021, myWorld International addressed its stakeholders for the first time in a global keynote. The focus of the online event was on the latest technical innovations with which the international group of companies wants to set new standards in the shopping sector – online as well as in-store.

Sharif Omar, CEO myWorld International, presented numerous innovations and improvements around the myWorld shopping experience in the first myWorld Keynote. “In order to keep up with the expectations of our customers and partners in the age of digitalisation, we have to break new ground,” he emphasises. “We are in the process of integrating exciting new technologies that will make the shopping experience much easier and more enjoyable for our customers – from registration to payment methods.”

Smart shopping list
The customer journey usually starts long before entering a store or visiting an online shop. “We are talking about passive shopping, which begins when we start thinking about the next purchase,” explains Davy van Loon, Chief Marketing Officer myWorld International. The myWorld App now offers a free shopping list for more relaxed shopping planning. What sounds simple turns out to be a technically sophisticated solution with artificial intelligence that continuously processes shopping behaviour in the background. “What is special about our shopping list is that it not only has a classic reminder function, but that it also tells us which of our partners offers the desired product at the best price,” Davy van Loon continues. “It even suggests which products would soon need to be bought again. This makes shopping for everyday essentials much easier.”

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myWorld Plug-in for desktop browsers
The myWorld Plug-in, which has recently become available, also offers a significant simplification. The practical extension for the most popular desktop browsers automatically indicates whether shoppers are visiting a partner’s online shop and ensures benefits, such as Cashback and Shopping Points, are credited for the purchase with just a click. In addition, it lets you know when a partner is among the results of an online search and whether this partner is currently offering special offers for myWorld customers.

myWorld OneTouch
More and more people prefer cashless payment methods when shopping in-store because it’s fast and less complicated. In the future, myWorld will also take this growing customer need into account. “The majority of our partners are small and medium-sized enterprises,” reports Yuri Kok, Customer Integration Manager myWorld International. “Until now, many steps were required at the checkout for purchases of myWorld shoppers to be registered and for their benefits to be assigned. With myWorld OneTouch, all that is a thing of the past.”

Thanks to a brand-new card linking system, the registration of purchases is now fully automatic. All you need to do is enter the details of your preferred credit or debit card in your personal myWorld profile in the app or on “The shopper only has to do one thing: they simply have to pull out their card or select it in Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet, and they can conveniently complete the transaction and secure Cashback and Shopping Points,” Yuri Kok points out. “myWorld OneTouch is a game-changer for us, taking the shopping experience to a new level for our customers.”

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myWorld OneTouch also works online and is already going through the first test phase in the UK this week. In all other 54 countries, this new technology is to be implemented by the end of next year.

More innovations and keynotes to follow
This list of technical innovations, which a special technology department is now working to perfect, is joined by further innovations. For example, the registration process will be considerably faster. As early as this year, it should be possible to register with myWorld in a matter of seconds using existing Apple, Google or social media accounts. And in 2022, the purchase of eVouchers will also be massively simplified.

“We have only just begun to revolutionise the myWorld shopping experience,” emphasises Sharif Omar. “Many more improvements and new technologies will follow. I’m sure our stakeholders will be burning with anticipation, so we’ll be keeping them up to date in regular keynotes.”

Those interested can find the complete first myWorld Keynote on the company’s YouTube channel.

About myWorld International
The London-based myWorld International group operates the worldwide myWorld Benefit Program, which offers a wealth of attractive benefits for shoppers, retailers and service providers alike. Shoppers can enjoy Shopping Points and Cashback with every purchase from myWorld partners – regardless of whether they shop online or in-store. In turn, partners benefit from efficient customer loyalty programmes, which help them increase their visibility and sales. More than 15 million customers and 150,000 partners in 55 markets already use the myWorld Benefit Program. More information on

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