National Fries Day 2019: How to Make French Fries Healthy and Cut Down on Calories

By | July 12, 2019
National Fries Day 2019: How to Make French Fries Healthy and Cut Down on Calories

Craving the crisp satisfaction of French fries without fat? It is possible! Baking instead of frying or swapping potatoes for veggies like kale or sweet potatoes are just a few of the fit tweaks you can make. What’s more, these guilt-free pleasures are easy to whip and contain less than 150 calories per serving including the creamy dip. So, the next time you are jonesing for some French-fried goodness, try any one of these healthy alternatives, and see for yourself!

Air Fry Your Pleasures

You can enjoy the crunch and crisp of French fries without the oil using an air fryer. Air-fried French fries are way healthier than fries made using conventional deep frying in oil. The air fryer uses the continuous circulation of hot air to fry the food which means, it needs little to zero oil to get the same texture and taste. Bonus? You cut down on extra calories from excess fat that comes from deep frying in oil. Here’s how many fries you should eat at one go. 

Bake, Don’t Fry

If you want to ditch the extra fat and calories from your fries, try baking them. And while you are cutting back on oil while baking, you can always go overboard. So measure just two tablespoons of olive oil and then pour or spray onto your potatoes.

Enjoy Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potato fries have the crunchy outside, and the soft inside and they pack a nutritional wallop with a lot of vitamin A in one serving. And that is just one of the benefits of eating them. But how do you make sweet potatoes taste amazing? Just add a little sugar and there is yummy caramelisation. Fries vs chips has divided the internet, look what is the difference between these potato snacks.

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Never Season with Salt

When it comes to flavouring your fries, opt for flavourful spices that pack a punch without adding extra sodium. You can pick anything from paprika, thyme, rosemary, and cumin, but just skip the salt. Even sweeter spices like cinnamon and nutmeg work well especially if you are baking sweet potatoes.

Grill All the Goodness

Another way to make yummy French fries minus the guilt is to grill them. Prepare just how you would when you bake fries in the oven, and then fire up the grill. Keep turning to prevent the fries from sticking. Add some seasoning in the end and relish!

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