Never Stop Learning

By | April 13, 2018

If you have ever seen someone at the end of his or her career get shoved out the door for someone younger with a whole lot less experience, you will like this post. You see, when we become a bit stagnant in learning we in turn become somewhat dormant in carrying our selves forward in our own personal development as well. If you have free training, grants for education and so forth, always make sure to take advantage of this. If you work for a company or you are a student, there is sure to be a concession for training and further education grants for people of this status. To be sure, always check with your organization. If you are an entrepreneur, you should set aside a percentage of your earnings every month to further your training as well.

So, what happens if you have no free training and so forth available to you? Well, the answer to that question is simple; you need to make due with the resources available to you. This may be simply getting course books and studying on your own or taking some college level classes that could further or even change your career. It could be White papers, manuals or even instructional Dvd courses. There is a sleuth of information at your fingertips and all you have to really do is tap into it.

A good source of information is a library and you can even borrow books, cd’s, and a whole lot more for free. Don’t overlook these government sponsored knowledge banks. There is also a whole lot of information available to you on the internet. You should make Google your friend and cannot tell you how many courses, webinars, teleseminars that I have personally taken because they were available to myself. Remember, we live in the information age and there is a wealth of information that we can get our hands on if we only work on it.

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The reason why you want to keep your mind in tiptop shape as a learning machine is simple. You are either growing or you are simply dying. I’ve got news for you. If you are a professional that has been out of college for say 10 years and have not achieved any other professional certifications and so on in that time, you are in danger of becoming redundant in one way or another. Remember, if you are not growing you are dying. There is a whole new generation of knowledge workers being trained in the most efficient manner possible and could easily take your place. Doesn’t matter if you are entrepreneur working with clients or an employee working with a big corporation, you can easily be replaced. Use this knowledge to drive you and to your advantage in growing yourself and become irreplaceable in any endeavors you undertake.

Keep your mind sharp and your body will follow. When you keep your mind at the top of it’s game, you naturally will want to take control of your health and fitness levels, relationships, life freedom and other areas in your life. Get on the path you need for greater learning today. We can all learn something from someone else and never be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer but need to understand how to arrive at that answer. You want to basically be an attraction magnet for learning. Once people around you know that you are a beacon of knowledge, you become somewhat indispensable and will be taken more seriously over others that may simply exist. So, I wish you the best in your pursuit of knowledge and that you will use to your advantage for greater success!

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