Never stop learning

By | April 23, 2018


Yes! That’s right, you should never stop learning. There is no such thing as the top and the smartest level of belonging. Yea, there are math professors, scientists, teachers, and students who have accomplished many goals and struggles but that’s in essence what makes them stronger to be prepared for more learning. Failure is the result of countless hours of doing the wrong task. Failure comes when ones abilities and strengths do not match the criteria required by their boss. You can’t just expect a person to a sales professional one day and make $ 40,000 every day, this takes time and practice. Employers really need to figure this out. If you are in one of these positions with narcissistic bosses who expect you to be someone entirely different then get out. It’s not worth your time. You can’t fight with a narcissist, because every time you do he or she will eventually increase your pain ten times more. Its plain wasteful to fight with a narcissist, I can’t imagine how people are married to narcissists.

I have encountered this before on my previous jobs and never in my life I am going back there ever again. Every day I would get out of my pizza job and think about suicide. That job lasted about four months. It was the worst job in my life. My boss was a narcissist and never knew how to treat her employees. Somehow I think I got sidetracked. Anyway, back to learning. Never cease to learn new things. When I see people who just live without being a part of anything it breaks my heart. People ought to learn new interesting topics about anything they want. They shouldn’t be stuck at any level. There are a couple friends in my network that are not doing anything with their life. This makes me sad. They work, go home, eat, sleep, and do it all over again – and they will for another who knows how long years. It devastates my feelings for them. Do you have these kind of people in your network? Think about them! Help them so more of their life, help them discover their inner passion, and ultimately help them never stop learning.

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