No word yet on when border might reopen

By | January 4, 2021

A hard shutdown of the Victoria-NSW border will remain despite the two states recording a combined total of three new locally acquired infections on Monday.

There were three more cases of community transmission in Victoria, all of them linked to the Black Rock cafe cluster, while NSW recorded no new cases.

But Victoria’s acting Premier Jacinta Allan said current restrictions would remain, providing no indication of when they might be lifted.

“That decision on borders, and indeed all other restrictions like the wearing of masks and that the limits on numbers of people in family homes will be guided by the public health advice,” she told reporters on Monday morning.

“Yes the numbers here for Victoria today, it’s a very strong set of numbers – of course we always love the zero days – but this is a really strong day for Victoria.”

Ms Allan also said it was a “positive day” for NSW.

“I think they’ve indicated that they’ve got some continuing concerns and are monitoring very closely that outbreak associated with the BWS – they’ll work closely with our public health team in Victoria as that information comes to light.”

NSW recorded zero new cases in the official reporting period to 8pm on Sunday, but diagnosed two locally acquired cases that will be included in tomorrow’s numbers.

It also recorded seven internationally acquired cases in hotel quarantine and Victoria recorded one.

“We still have a way to go because we do want to reach for those zero days, and to get to those zero days that will rely on continuing to get people to get tested,” Ms Allan said.

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“But it’s a positive day but we’ve still got a long way to go. We’ll work very hard to get back to those zero days.”

It comes as health officials revealed a plan for a zero-case day by as early as this weekend as they look to ease restrictions by mid-January.

Under the state’s COVID response strategy, multiple consecutive days of zero new cases could see a lifting of restrictions.

This would mean the limit on private gatherings could be eased back to 30 by mid-January after being reduced to 15.

People would also no longer have to wear masks indoors outside their homes.

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