What Can You Do to Help Prevent Cataracts?

In the video above, Dr. Eric Berg, a chiropractor and health educator, reviews what he believes are some of the best natural alternatives to prevent and/or treat cataracts. Cataracts1 is an eye condition that causes your vision to blur due to a buildup of proteins on the lens of your eye. Left untreated, cataracts can… Read More »

Documentary — Stare Into the Lights, My Pretties

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published April 14, 2018. Technology didn’t come about by accident, it’s a reflection of human will, or so claims the intriguing documentary, “Stare Into the Lights My Pretties.” Yet, with the rate of technological development continuing to grow exponentially, it’s unclear if anyone envisioned how… Read More »