Playing and Learning Language Posted By : Thomsen Lucas

By | September 30, 2018

The notion of play and learn has become a mantra in every schools and every educational institutions. There is hardly any schools or play centers which doesn’t implement this system in their learning techniques. Be it a play near or house or a school in the middle of the city, play and learn has always been in the priority list. It is so because people have understood that in today’s age it is not only enough to go to school and learn to read and write but also important is the fact the all-round development of the child’s personality happens properly. The ability to understand things, recognize shapes and sizes and colors along with developing the extra-curricular skills are at the forefront today thanks to this concept.

As a matter of fact language learning can also happen from this scheme. Learning English language through learning toys is highly effective. The conventional method would be to write letters of the alphabet in the four-lie pages or memorizing the spelling of apple and cat along with how they look like. Instead following this age-old method the children are provided various learning toys with which they can learn the language faster and remember it without mugging. Like for example there will be a card which will have a picture of cat and just below that the first letter will only be printed. The child first has to see the picture and differentiate whether it’s a cat or a goat and then has to write down the spelling of the word based on the clue given. This kind of game helps the beginners who have just started fiddling with the language.

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Language games have been always a correct blend of fun and learning. As a matter of fact for every- age group there are language games because language learning is a lifelong process. Of course you are not required to learn the language through toys till you are sixty but at least you gain the knowledge and flair of the language, learning toys or games come very handy. Ordering sentences, filling blanks, painting, picture labeling and coloring, words pairing and recitation are some of the games or language learning toys. Play and learn is a concept that doesn’t work in isolation. With correct coordination and implementation this technique yields visible results. Learning toys are the efficient and effective instruments which enhance, forward and lead the whole learning structure balancing the fun element neatly. Reference And Education | Early Childhood