Stress Among College Students

By | April 5, 2018

Stress among college students happens a lot in our society and is depicted by the image of a student with hands in his hair sat in the library with 2 days until the first of many exams, anxious and nervous. In college we don’t seem to get taught enough about controlling our stress. There are no classes on it, yet it is such a huge issue for so many students. Here are a few techniques that I have found personally useful to stop stress among college students.

Time Management – A huge percentage of the time, when we are in college we end up getting stressed because we have tonnes of things to complete and feel time pressured to do then because we don’t have enough of it. Outside of education there is actually a huge amount of literature on time management and one of the great laws that they teach is Parkinson’s Law.  

Parkinson’s Law – This is the law which states that the amount of work that you have will expand to fill the time given for it. Basically, if you have a deadline in 3 weeks, the work may only take 1 hour of effort but it will expand over 3 weeks. Being a college student myself, I can totally understand this. You can use this law to if you have  a coursework deadline that is 2 months away and it will take you 3 hours to complete. You know that a lot of mental worry is going to come about from this piece of work so why not set yourself a mini deadline and act as if it is real. This way you get it done in a much shorter time.

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Rest Yourself, You Deserve It – You have to get enough rest to function at your best on a day to day basis,. When we don’t get enough good quality sleep our memory becomes terrible and we cannot concentrate for long enough periods. This is a nightmare if you are in college and trying to lower your stress levels. Make sure that when you go to bed at night time that your room is as dark as it can get and that you only use your bed for sleeping purposes. I say this because I know many people who do coursework on their bed. When they lie in the bed at night, their body gets confused. Have your bed as a haven for getting some good night sleep and getting away from the stresses of college life. 

To learn more about how to control your stress when you are a college student, here is my blog that has regular updates: Stress Among College Students.