Student Culture: Participate in Student Media Activities

By | February 7, 2018

There are numerous extracurricular activities for students and one of the most interesting is student media. Well, in the majority of cases it is a student newspaper. However, not many students are involved in this process. The majority of them think that this activity is applicable for those who feel like becoming involved in the media industry. As a result, not many students even read student newspapers. However, this is an absolutely erroneous position. Why is that? You should participate in the student life! How can you get involved in student media? 1. Start reading the student newspaper of your school. First of all, you will become aware of the latest news of your school, and the overall situation in your community. You will find out a lot of interesting and very helpful information about schedules, faculty, campus and main events. Of course, you will also know gossips of your school which can be quite useful information. 2. Write for the newspaper of your school. Even if you are dreaming of becoming a brand manager, you should write at least one article for the student newspaper. First of all, it is fun! Secondly, you will train your writing. Besides, you will be able to write in your application form or even CV that you wrote for your school student newspaper. Besides, if you think you cannot write a proper article about some events or gossips, you may write a brief scientific article. This will help you to develop your skills in academic writing and you share your brilliant research! 3. You can even participate in this activity without writing! Submit some material: picture, photo, share your knowledge. You may find out something interesting and useful for the rest of students. Do not be mean, and share that burning news with the rest of students!

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