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Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk for addiction to opioids and ultraviolet rays

Vitamin D deficiency strongly exaggerates the craving for and effects of opioids, potentially increasing the risk for dependence and addiction, according to a new study led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). These findings, published in Science Advances, suggest that addressing the common problem of vitamin D deficiency with inexpensive supplements could play a… Read More »

Recovering from addiction during a time of uncertainty and social distancing

The COVID-19 crisis has created a time of uncertainty and anxiety for people around the world. Health professionals and other hospital staff are working around the clock to reduce and prevent the harmful consequences of the virus’s spread. Many people are uneasily wondering how they will manage their existing health problems when the support systems… Read More »

How to avoid ativan addiction

The medication should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. The Dangers of Ativan Ativan is a useful drug for treating hyperexcitability in the central nervous system, the first thing to do is observe their behaviors and determine whether they’re in line with abuse of Ativan, the more severe the withdrawal symptoms. The individual will… Read More »

How to avoid tramadol addiction

While you are detoxing, remember not to use alcohol or other drugs. As your brain becomes accustomed to not feeling pain and feeling good instead, its chemical pathways change. How to avoid tramadol addiction social support groups are offered every day around the country. It is one of the side effects of cleaning out your… Read More »

Baker health care bill would boost spending on addiction, primary care – GazetteNET

Baker health care bill would boost spending on addiction, primary care News > State-Region State House News Service Published: 10/19/2019 2:04:26 PM BOSTON — Health care providers and insurers would be required to boost their spending on addiction services, behavioral health, primary care and geriatric services by 30 percent over the next three years under… Read More »

In Brief: Treating Pregnant Women with Opioid Addiction

According to a recent analysis of national data by the Centers for Disease Control, the number of pregnant women with opioid use disorder (as documented at the time of delivery) more than quadrupled from 1999 through 2014. Studies of opioid exposure in pregnancy suggest increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and birth… Read More »