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Near point-of-care viral load testing enables quick clinical action for people with high viral load

A study conducted in Malawi has shown that near point-of-care technologies have the capacity to improve viral-load testing, increase the frequency and quality of clinical action and reduce the costs incurred by outpatients in HIV clinics. Near point-of-care assays allow HIV viral-load tests to be conducted within hours of sample collection at the same health… Read More »

The fight goes on: Clinical trial shows promising new treatment for rare blood cancer

Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that develops from lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). It has many subtypes. A rare subtype, called intravascular large B-cell lymphoma (or IVLBCL) is notably hard to diagnose accurately because the cancerous lymphocytes grow inside small blood vessels, instead of at lymph nodes, and there is no… Read More »

AI improves value in radiology, but needs more clinical evidence

Ever since the movement surrounding value-based healthcare started, radiologists have understood the potential of showing their contribution in patient care, from disease prediction to follow-up. These are figures from the 4G age. GSMA has published a new report on the ‘Future of Devices in the age of 5G networks’ in January 2020, and it identifies… Read More »

AI clinical documentation player Nuance preps for nationwide expansion

Dive Brief: Medical speech recognition company Nuance Communications said Monday it plans sell its AI-based speech-to-text system automating physician note taking to health systems nationwide. The technology, built in partnership with Microsoft, includes a wall-mounted device with microphones to record each patient interaction — the company contends with their explicit consent — before uploading the… Read More »

When does depression become clinical

The vast majority of conditions can be treated either psychiatrically or psychologically, but finding the right treatment, while ultimately rewarding, can also at times be frustrating. Such personality styles include being an anxious worrier, sensitive to judgement by others, being a perfectionist, having intrinsically low self-esteem, being profoundly shy or having a low sense of… Read More »