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Depression, anxiety, loneliness are peaking in college students

A survey by a Boston University researcher of nearly 33,000 college students across the country reveals the prevalence of depression and anxiety in young people continues to increase, now reaching its highest levels, a sign of the mounting stress factors due to the coronavirus pandemic, political unrest, and systemic racism and inequality. “Half of students… Read More »

Italy WILL face a deadlier second coronavirus wave, grim Imperial College London study finds

Is a more deadly second peak inevitable? Italy WILL face another coronavirus wave that is even more lethal as lockdown is eased, according to grim Imperial College London projection London researchers mathematically modelled how virus would spread and kill in Italy in three scenarios If population went back to just 20 per cent of their… Read More »

What causes depression in college students

What causes depression in college students due to limited resources, dangers in technology Social media and technology are among the most dangerous of these factors. A tug of war between being engrossed in posting experiences on social media, excluding and substituting treatment plans. The rate of cigarette smoking and e, colleges should let parents and… Read More »