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It has come to this: ignore vaccines-in-animals drug industry PR & news

A long-haired male golden hamster (via Wikipedia & Creative Commons) Earlier this week, a powerful opinion piece, “It Has Come To This:  Ignore the CDC,”  co-authored by former National Institutes of Health director Harold Varmus,  was published in the New York Times. That’s on the science side. On the PR and journalism side, it has… Read More »

Why Are Some Women Reluctant to Receive Oral Sex? Here Are Some Physiological and Psychological Factors That Come In Play

While most men love blowjobs even more than penetration during sex, for women, it is not quite the same. Women do love the idea of men going down on them but there are also various concerns and inhibitions that come along with it. A user on Reddit raised a similar query asking why women are… Read More »

How to safely come off the keto diet

You know how to lose weight: a healthy, balanced diet with consistent, challenging workouts. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Get Daily Fitness Inspiration Right in your inbox. Around The Web. Instead, you’ll need to do a little mental prep work. While clinical nutritionist Dr. So what happens when you forgo the high-fat… Read More »

When did diet irn bru come out

In , steel workers working on the re-building of Glasgow Central Station were drinking too much beer to quench their thirst. So, a local soft drinks manufacturer named AG Barr brought to them a tonic-like drink made with caffeine and sugar that could get the workers through a hard days graft. On the announcement of… Read More »

What miligrams do klonopin come in

Chronic clonazepam administration induces benzodiazepine receptor subsensitivity”. A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare. Viagra Soft is a chewable tablet. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. A review of a new anticonvulsant drug”. Archived from the original what miligrams do klonopin come in 2009-03-23. Advances in the neurochemistry and neuropharmacology of Tourette… Read More »