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Link Between Insulin Resistance and Disease Acceleration

I’ve long warned that insulin resistance is at the foundation of most chronic disease, from heart disease and Type 2 diabetes to cancer. Now, researchers with the University of Copenhagen in Denmark are encouraging doctors to monitor blood sugar levels in their cancer patients after finding that many struggle with insulin resistance.1 “Insulin resistance is… Read More »

Albireo’s rare liver disease drug Bylvay scores back-to-back approvals in U.S., Europe

With a pair of approvals on both sides of the Atlantic, liver disease-focused biotech Albireo is off and running with its new medicine Bylvay. The oral drug, the first treatment for pruritus in patients with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC), scored an FDA nod Tuesday and a European approval Monday. With the FDA’s blessing, Albireo is kicking off an “immediate”… Read More »