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Al Interviews Andy Grant | Transformational Energy Coach, Founder of Real Men Feel, Best Selling Author & Suicide Attempt Survivor

In this episode, Al interviews Andy Grant, transformational energy coach, founder of Real Men Feel, best-selling author & suicide attempt survivor (recorded 2-11-20). At age five, Andy began to be molested by a neighbor who was a family friend. He experienced suicidal thoughts from the very young age of eight years old and had his first, of… Read More »

Happy Birthday, Alia Bhatt! Flirty, Comfy, Vintage, Trends and Classics – Your Cool Girl Energy Is Incredibly Infectious and How!

Alia Bhatt Birthday Special – Style Moments (Photo Credits: Instagram) Alia Bhatt! We all know a “Cool Girl” when we see one! the ultimate poster girl for all the cool-girl approved styles turns 27 today. While her riveting cinematic tidings are always under an admirable metamorphosis, her fabulous fashion game transitions seamlessly from being chic,… Read More »

Which herbal tea is best for energy

Herbal culprit may very well be a virus lurking, and which good reason: it’s cold out there. Best known best a great detoxifier and supporter of liver function — you might get more stems than leaves. Place up to 1 ounce of the dried herb into a Mason jar or French press — this tea… Read More »

Excessive energy drink habit gives 26-year-old heart attack

There’s something to be said for the old adage that urges everything in moderation. One 26-year-old found out that truth the hard way, after drinking multiple energy drinks per day. WOMAN COULD HEAR OWN HEARTBEAT INSIDE HER EAR  The young Hispanic man had no significant medical history except for a two-year stint with cigarettes, according… Read More »