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Quarantine Keto Survival Guide

Quarantine Keto Survival Guide : The current coronavirus alarm has got most of us practicing social distancing. Recently, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have noted that increasing quarantining may become needed as more cases of COVD-19 are detected. Many of us are facing changes in our lives and daily routines in many ways.… Read More »

Guide to coping with hearing aid feedback

Today’s hearing aid technology makes it possible for many with hearing loss to enjoy their favorite sounds again. Whether it’s hearing the laughter of loved ones, a favorite melody or the sounds of nature, hearing devices can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. Properly fitting hearing aids in your earsis key to… Read More »

The 40-day headache: Your guide to the 2020 Georgia General Assembly – Atlanta Magazine

Illustration by Sam Island On January 13, lawmakers from across Georgia will converge under the Gold Dome downtown for the annual session of the General Assembly. Working under a 40-day deadline, 180 representatives and 56 senators will debate bills on issues like education, transportation, and healthcare. They’ll also fulfill their only constitutional obligation: approving a… Read More »