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Community-led distribution of HIV self-testing increases uptake of HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy in Malawi

A study from Malawi has found that short-term campaigns of HIV self-testing, whose design and implementation are led by community groups, can rapidly increase the uptake of HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy among underserved populations. Recently published in PLOS Medicine, the study also reported a lower cost for this intervention than for other testing programmes.… Read More »

HIV self-testing increases uptake of HIV testing, but with poorer linkage to care

A study has concluded that HIV self-testing is safe, increases testing uptake and increases the yield of HIV positive results among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people. Among female sex workers, results are more mixed. While HIV self-testing improves testing uptake, it does not increase the yield of positive results and… Read More »

Why blood pressure increases during exercise

Low blood pressure and exercise When why blood pressure increases during exercise’re exercising, your muscles have an increased need for oxygen, which is why your blood pressure increases during exercise. What are the blood pressures of hibernating mammal, mouse, elephant, giraffe, dinosaur? If you involve in regular exercise, it will help in lowering blood pressure.… Read More »