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Secondary Sisters: Friends with incurable breast cancer set up support group

Two women with incurable breast cancer whose lives were “flipped upside down” by the diagnosis have set up a group to offer hope to others. Nicky Newman and Laura Middleton-Hughes, both 31, have stage four cancer that has spread around their bodies. When Nicky, from Guildford, was told her secondary cancer was incurable, she said… Read More »

Woman, 23, with stage four incurable cancer sets out to raise £300,000 to fund private treatment

Woman, 23, with stage four incurable cancer faces a race against time to raise £300K for private treatment that’s her ‘last hope’ of survival Daisy Ellis, 23, from Northamptonshire, diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer Went through 20 chemotherapy cycles and 50 radiotherapy sessions in 2 years Now says she has ‘run out of options’ and… Read More »

Engineered virus to be tested as treatment for incurable cancers

Tiny phages that usually infect microbes could fight cancerScience Photo Library/Getty By Michael Le Page People with incurable melanomas and brain or breast cancers are to get injections of tumour-fighting viruses. The trial will test the safety of a virus that has been engineered to shrink tumours – an approach that holds promise for a range… Read More »