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Switching to natural skincare products can help you in the long run – here’s why

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rebirth of the natural cosmetics industry, and everyone from dermatologists to influencers seems to be raving about them. But why are these natural skincare products so popular, and why should you make more room for them in your beauty routine? Just like the rest of our organs,… Read More »

What are the natural remedy for diabetes

Advertise Media Kit Gift Shop. Options include lifestyle changes, diet, and natural remedies. For example, are you Type 1? It also helps reduce fasting glucose and improve glucose tolerance 85, 86, 87, Studies have shown zinc supplementation can reduce blood sugar and A1C, have an antioxidant effect, lower blood sugar and even help treat some… Read More »

Natural Power advises Green Investment Group on trio of Nordic wind projects

Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has provided technical due diligence on behalf of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) for a trio of Nordic wind projects. GIG has reached financial close on the portfolio of onshore wind farms: 43 MW Hornamossen wind farm located in Sweden’s Jönköping municipality 47 MW Tysvaer wind… Read More »

What vegetables are natural diuretics

The most working methods of absorbing the benefits what vegetables are natural diuretics yarrow are in tea. Don’t go to the extreme with this or any weight loss plan. It is used as an antidiuretic as well as a treatment for impotence. Unfortunately, synthetic diuretics are often known to cause side effects. 9 Fruits and… Read More »