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Need for strong independent broadband sector highlighted by Public Accounts Committee report

London, UK, 8 January – Today’s report by the Public Accounts Committee highlights the challenges involved in meeting the Government’s gigabit broadband ambitions. Replacing the copper phone network with the full fibre and high-speed wireless infrastructure of the future is a big project requiring co-ordination between government, industry, local authorities and other stakeholders. The fast-growing… Read More »

Pregnancy stress during the pandemic? 3 things expectant mums need to know

Pregnancy stress during the pandemic? Midwife Marie Louise offers her advice on how to stay calm in the lead up to labour, despite the current crisis Expectant mums have enough to feel anxious about, without Covid-19 getting them down too. Navigating and adapting to a rapidly changing situation while trying to maintain a relaxed and… Read More »

Does My Child Need Glasses?

Learn the common signs that your child may need glasses. Whether your family has chosen in-person or virtual learning this fall, healthy vision has to be part of your back to school plan. Most schools conduct or require vision screening each year to ensure their students are set up to learn effectively. August is Children’s… Read More »

Why do people need heart helthy diets

No content on this site, know about managing heart disease The kidneys regulate the amount for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified. Cooking at home will give you better control over the be used as a substitute Spareribs Hot dogs and sausages to save money need lose. Full-fat milk and other dairy… Read More »

Gyms are open, but are they safe in the age of COVID-19? Here’s what you need to know

Article content continued What about masks? In most regions, staff are required to wear masks, but they are not required while working out. In Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario, masks must be worn in between workouts and when entering and exiting the gym. In Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Manitoba and… Read More »