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NIH ‘very concerned’ about serious side effect in AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial

“The highest levels of NIH are very concerned,” said Dr. Avindra Nath, intramural clinical director and a leader of viral research at the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, an NIH division. “Everyone’s hopes are on a vaccine, and if you have a major complication the whole thing could get derailed.” A great deal… Read More »

COVID-19 vaccine researchers say pandemic lockdown placing many serious obstacles to their work

Dr. Riam Shamma knew the closure of Canada’s border with the United States would make getting samples of his company’s newly developed, potential vaccine for COVID-19 to the U.S. a challenge. But as his temperature-sensitive shipment to an American testing facility sat at the border for day after day last month, he became increasingly anxious.… Read More »

What we learned from John Singleton: Why Black men need to get serious about their health

Getty Images When the news broke in April that filmmaker John Singleton had died from a stroke, at only 51 years old, fans and colleagues were shocked by the untimely and completely unexpected loss. In the wake of this tragedy, we’ve since found out that a number of other celebrated Black men are dying from… Read More »