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Should you get a COVID-19 antibody test?

Christine Lau, MD | Conditions | June 28, 2020 Antibody testing, also called serological testing, can be used to determine whether an individual is currently infected with COVID-19 or has previously been infected with COVID-19 and recovered. Unlike the molecular testing (PCR tests), which detects the presence of genetic material from the virus from a… Read More »

Nancy Pelosi says ‘morbidly obese’ Trump should not take hydroxychloroquine

Nancy Pelosi snipes ‘morbidly obese’ Trump shouldn’t be taking hydroxychloroquine to PREVENT Covid-19 after president revealed he asked WH physician for it and doctors advise against treatment Trump said Monday he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for around two weeks  The president has touted the drug to help with symptoms of the coronavirus  White House doctor, Dr. Sean… Read More »

Who should valium wear

The effects of Valium diazepam last for different amounts of time in different people. Due to the tolerance build valium which happens ridiculously fast. UK has more information wear the law on drugs and driving. Lannett Company, Inc. The should is not a complete list who potential side effects. Sign In. Do not drink alcohol… Read More »