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Chris Smith optimistic about three-decade quest for Lyme disease bill

After working nearly 30 years to pass major legislation to research treatments for Lyme disease, the tick-borne infection that causes more than 300,000 illnesses each year, Democratic Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey is newly optimistic about a breakthrough. The Senate Health Committee voted Thursday on a bipartisan basis to advance the upper chamber’s version… Read More »

Early Childhood and Environmental Educators Posted By : Allan Smith

Early childhood and environmental educators continue to explore question of developmental, appropriateness in environmental education for your children. Unfortunately, certain well-intentioned approaches towed environmental education may overwhelm children with feelings of concern what is essentially adults’ responsibility stewardship environment. Misguided approaches may shower young children with complied ideas they cannot fully understand and about which… Read More »

Three Great Reasons to Earn Your Education Degree Online Posted By : Roger Smith

Teachers are the cornerstone of our society and have the challenging and rewarding role of nurturing and developing the young minds of future professionals. Although they’re lauded for entering the job force for more than just money, most people are surprised at how competitive teaching wages can be, especially for teachers holding advanced degrees. Whether… Read More »