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Quarantine Keto Survival Guide

Quarantine Keto Survival Guide : The current coronavirus alarm has got most of us practicing social distancing. Recently, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have noted that increasing quarantining may become needed as more cases of COVD-19 are detected. Many of us are facing changes in our lives and daily routines in many ways.… Read More »

What Are My Survival Chances? A Cancer Calculator Does the Math

The new website CancerSurvivalRates.com has launched with the promise of providing people with cancer and their families a simple way of getting information about the typical survival rates for their type of cancer, STAT reports. While the site is meant to inspire further dialogue with cancer physicians, some experts are concerned that online access to… Read More »

WCLC: Merck’s Keytruda dispels ‘urban legend’ with latest lung cancer survival win

Merck’s Keytruda-chemo combo has a history of silencing its critics when it comes to its effectiveness in previously untreated non-small cell lung cancer patients. And it may have just done it again. A pooled analysis from three trials showed that the combo majorly cut patients’ risk of death, even among those whose tumors tested negative… Read More »