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“It Needs to Become Smarter”: Leaders Share Their Interoperability Vision (and Concerns)

Stanley Huff, MD, CMIO, Intermountain Healthcare It is possible for an event to propel an industry forward, helping it to achieve adoption rates thought to be impossible, while also showing just how far behind it is? Yes, when the event is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the industry is healthcare IT. Like many organizations, Intermountain Healthcare… Read More »

Ryan Seacrest’s Ex Shayna Taylor Shared the Most POINTED Quote About Love Following Their Breakup

Shayna Taylor shared a cryptic post about love amid her breakup with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan was seen holding hands with a “mystery woman” in Mexico. In the event that you haven’t been frantically keeping up with Ryan Seacrest’s personal life (wow, okay), the producer/host recently broke things off with his girlfriend Shayna Taylor after round… Read More »

The Royal Family Delights Fans by Sharing Throwback Photos of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip With Their Kids to Celebrate Father’s Day 2020

The British Royal Family shared beautiful pictures of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to wish fans on Father’s Day 2020. The black and white photos show Prince Philip with young Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward along with Queen Elizabeth. People on Twitter reacted on the pictures wishing the family on this… Read More »

Americans Are Worried About the Cost of Their Healthcare (and they have good reason)

By CASEY QUINLAN, HELEN HASKELL, BILL ADAMS, JOHN JAMES, ROBERT R. SCULLY, and POPPY ARFORD Last year, the Patient Council of the Right Care Alliance conducted a survey in which over 1,000 Americans answered questions about what worried them most about their healthcare. We asked questions about access to care, concerns about misdiagnosis, and risks… Read More »

COVID-19 vaccine researchers say pandemic lockdown placing many serious obstacles to their work

Dr. Riam Shamma knew the closure of Canada’s border with the United States would make getting samples of his company’s newly developed, potential vaccine for COVID-19 to the U.S. a challenge. But as his temperature-sensitive shipment to an American testing facility sat at the border for day after day last month, he became increasingly anxious.… Read More »