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Chew on This: Is There Plastic in That Gum?

Society has a dangerous addiction to plastics and your exposure now includes chewing it.1 Several of the chemicals found in the production of plastic compounds are known to act as endocrine disruptors. Phthalates are one of those types of chemicals;2 they are also found in chewing gum. During the fetal and neonatal periods,3 babies are… Read More »

There Are Already a TON of Spoilers for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7, Y’all

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is just starting to pop off with drama, and we’re already getting treated to inside intel about Bachelor in Paradise season 7…which, by the way, premieres August 16! If you, my friend, are itching to know everything about this upcoming season well before watching all the cast members who… Read More »

Modern Love Podcast: She Left Me There

Advertisement Continue reading the main story Modern LoveSubscribe: Apple Podcasts Radio Public Modern Love Podcast: She Left Me There Kacey Vu Shap spent 25 years trying to forget the Vietnamese orphanage of his childhood. Why did he go back? Hosted by Daniel Jones and Miya Lee, produced by Julia Botero and Hans Buetow, and edited… Read More »

Is there an immunesuppresant diet

Try This: Marinate halibut steaks in olive oil and garlic diet grill until done and garnish with lemons, capers and parsley; layer halibut fillets with rosemary and shallots, wrap in parchment or foil, and bake until done; poach halibut in white wine, immunesuppresant into strips and serve on a salad of arugula, thinly sliced fennel,… Read More »