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18 Workout Outfits That’ll Turn You Into a Gym-Fluencer

Sure, you’re going to get super sweaty during your next workout, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t show up to the gym in a killer outfit. Actually, the more you love your leggings-and-sports-bra situation, the better you’ll perform (it’s science, don’t question it). Basically, a cute workout outfit is sorta like a subconscious confidence… Read More »

Why did my acne turn black

You can use your acne as a reason to go on birth control pills which can suppress those hormones that cause acne. Daily Skin Care “It’s very important to cleanse your skin every day,” says dermatologist Doris Day, MD, of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. But beyond being painful and embarrassing, it’s costing… Read More »

What can flu turn into

If you already have the flu, preventing a turn for what can flu turn into worse may come down to simple self-care. 4: If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold. Symptoms of pneumonia vary according to the type of the causative microorganism. How Old is the Person Who Needs Care? The flu is a… Read More »

How can chlamydia turn into hiv

Who should be tested for chlamydia? Men may have pain in their testicles. It is a very common STD, especially among young people. There is a vaccine available that can prevent hepatitis B. Limit how can chlamydia turn into hiv number of sexual partners you have, remember to use a new condom for each partner,… Read More »

When allergies turn into bronchitis

Why does one cough up blood? Patients may therefore have symptoms of a runny nose, congestion, nasal discharge, throat irritation and post nasal drip. Inflammation from infections can also result in damages to the cells that line the bronchi. Cold and flu’s which affect your nose, throat and sinuses are referred to as Upper respiratory… Read More »