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What can cause asthma to come back

Why is my dry cough worse at night? This condition generally develops due to a viral infection. Western countries, say Sears and colleagues. Asthma’s Unwelcome Return Sears and colleagues studied 868 kids born what can cause asthma to come back New Zealand in the early 1970s. However, if your symptoms suggest that you have asthma,… Read More »

What depression teaches you

At Motherlode, lead writer and editor KJ Dell’Antonia invites contributors and commenters to explore how our families affect our lives, and how the news affects our families—and all families. Do You Know the Benefits of Walking? Let depression teach you about the characteristics of your friends. I don’t know how or why I didn’t but… Read More »

What is blood pressure during pregnancy

You may be able to lower your blood pressure naturally by making lifestyle changes and eating a healthy diet. Doctors will continue monitoring blood pressure in the days that follow the birth to look out for any post-pregnancy complications. You may encounter dehydration later in pregnancy because your what is blood pressure during pregnancy requires… Read More »

What Do You Do When You Are Sad?

—When I’m sad I act differently depending on the circumstances and the nature of the sadness. If I had a bad day at work, for example, I might reach out to a friend for support. But, if something extreme happened and I was extremely sad, like a traumatic event, somebody got hurt or (God forbid)… Read More »

Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ The State Of The Abortion Debate — A Deep Dive

Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. Abortion is one of the hottest political issues of 2019. With a newly configured Supreme Court, which many pundits think has the votes to roll back or overturn the landmark 1972 Roe v. Wade ruling, states are rushing either to protect abortion rights or pass… Read More »