Teaching Jobs All across The World Are Waiting For You

By | January 20, 2019

Being an English teacher in a foreign country is a well-paid and rewarding career. Once you take TEFL courses Bournemouth, you will be able to choose what area of the world you want to teach in. There are many countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America that are constantly in need of good English teachers.

Various countries in Asia are some of the most abundant suppliers of English teaching jobs. Thousands of jobs are available every year to English teachers wanting to travel to Asia. If you want to go to Asia, you can select a job in an Asian country like Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, or China. Most schools and hiring institutions require that you sign a contract of at least twelve months. The TEFL courses Bournemouth that you take will prepare you to teach in Asia.

While the demand for teachers in Asia is great, the need for English teachers in Europe is also high. Many European countries want their residents to learn English because it is an extremely beneficial skill to have in the business world. If you would like to teach in Europe, start looking for jobs in the late spring and early summer. Most jobs in Europe begin hiring at the end of summer and will want you to begin working in September. If you live in the UK and don’t feel comfortable teaching in a foreign land right after you are done with TEFL courses Bournemouth, select an opening in a European country like Austria, Belgium, or Germany.

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Middle East
Teaching jobs in the Middle East are some of the most lucrative due to the high wages you will earn. Not only will you be paid well, but the living situation you will be set up with will be extremely comfortable. If you have never taught English before, try getting a few years of experience under your belt before applying to a job in the Middle East. Most schools here require that their teachers have previous teaching experience.

Latin America
Latin America is home to a wide variety of cultures and languages. If you have always wanted to travel to Latin America, you can get an English teaching job here. While you may not make as much teaching in a Latin American country as you would in the Middle East, the cost of living makes up for this difference. The TEFL courses Bournemouth that you take can prepare you for a job in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and many others locations. If you don’t have a degree, teaching in Latin America may be one of your best options because most teaching jobs only require that you have a TEFL certificate.  

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