The Best Paying College Degrees

By | October 11, 2018

It is normal for students to ask about the salary that they will receive before they decide to take a course. Considering the stiff competition in getting hired for a job, knowing how to choose a college major is crucial. They would like to distinguish themselves from the rest of the applicants. Thus, they want to obtain a degree in technology and fuel-related industries to achieve their full potential for success and financial growth.

In the corporate world where everything changes so quickly, you will be taken aback by how much money you can earn from a 4-year bachelor course. Before you even think of taking a degree in biology or business administration, consider first to enroll in a course that is relevant to engineering, computer and technology. 

According to expert studies, these are the 5 best paying salaries:

1. Petroleum Engineering — If you want to earn an average yearly income of $ 86,220 then this course is the one for you. In this field, you are required to understand the intricacies of the production of crude oil and natural gas. This means that you will be involved in intensive analysis and research about hydrocarbon development.

2. Chemical Engineering — Obtaining a degree in this field will allow you to earn $ 65,142 annually.  In this course, you will learn how to apply mathematics, physics and economics in practical life. Put simply, this course is the study of coming up with useful things from raw materials.

3. Mining and Mineral Engineering — For most people, earning $ 64,552 a year is not bad at all so this degree is on top 3. In order to succeed from this course, you must have a deep passion for researching minerals from natural environment and turning it into valuable forms.

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4. Computer Science — Our everyday life is now computerized so computer programmers and IT specialists are very in demand. Expect to earn an average of $ 61,205 per year when you finish this degree. You must be well-versed in the application of CS to solve government and business problems.

5. Computer Engineering — This course major is the study of computer hardware and a little bit of electrical engineering as well as circuit theories. The average starting salary for a newly graduated computer engineer is $ 60,879.  

Disclaimer: The list above is an estimated average salary income of professionals from a particular field. There is no assurance that a student is going to earn that much simply because he took a specific course. Hard work and determination are still the most important traits to possess when looking for growth opportunities in life. 

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