The Gender of Children Can Lead To Divorce of Parents

By | September 13, 2018

Core Tip: Recent study shows that the divorce rate of couple who has the daughters home is higher the couple who has the sons about average 5%. The more daughters are, the worse the quality of the marital relationship is.

California State University and University of Rochester’s economic scholars have found that the divorce rate of the couple who had three daughters family is higher than 10% than the family who has three sons. At the same time, unmarried couples who knew the fetus is male are also more likely married.

Study found that relationship of mother-daughter is too intimate and men will feel they are the exclusion and isolation at home. They will felt that the role as husband and father is weakened. They seem they never squeeze into intimate conversation between them, and unable to share their common love, a woman cannot be a secret between them snooping. Therefore, men will be more eager to have a son who can play football with him or watch the game.

Home with her ​​daughter’s divorce rate, in addition to the role of the father ignored or demeaning, but also because mothers tend to believe that the role of the father for his daughter for his son not so important. They think that girls are more independent, more love to say, and are better at expressing their emotions. Even if the divorce, they suffered psychological damage will be much smaller.

The divorce rate of the family who has son is low, mainly because his father often prefer sons, and therefore harder to operate their own family and marriage. And because the boy would suffer greater psychological harm because of their parents’ divorce, so their parents are willing to maintain the existing marriage in order to protect his son.

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In fact psychological experts said, the father’s role is still very important in the growth of the girls. A good father-daughter relationship can help girls build self-confidence. However the family who only has mother and daughter often could hear “only if I could get the daughter’s support, I can divorce safely.” this sentence, I believe we will have a lot of mental stress.

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