The Importance of Manual Handling Training within the Workplace

By | January 22, 2019

Nobody particularly feel it interesting to go with the manual handling training. However, it requires people a lot to go with proper procedure along with taking the required amount of training. By considering the statistics broadcasted from the last year, it brings about a depressing kind of reading. The drastic scenarios brought about the layoff of the 1.2 million employees in the United Kingdom due to sickness or illness in the year 2009. However, the death of more than 180 people at their workplace seems to be much more than the statistics.

The entire year reported more than 246,000 injuries that really sound much, and the point to note is that these are the ones who are actually reported. You may have experienced it several times when people do not even report to the relevant authorities after getting injured at the work place. The manual handling training helps them to avoid all such things from getting reported to the higher authorities, but the large portion of this training could have been reduced significantly in terms of seriousness or would have never ever happened at all if no appropriate process and methods are followed.

Being an office manager, your job is to provide the courses of these kinds of trainings to your staff members within your organization itself. You may probably not be wishing that you will become the most popular person within your office or the organization of such kind of courses that most of the people feel as time wasting efforts. In the recent times, you may have heard of all the possible excuses in this regard that there are many members who have been trying to get rid of the manual handling training.

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The best excuse that comes in front is that an employee has suggested that the company will be more likely interested to work with him, instead of attending the important courses of training. However, this cannot be a pointless thing and the aim of the company rests upon letting all members from its staff to get well trained in the health and safety related methods to protect them as well as company and due to that the company would more likely prefer that its employees are paying attention to the manual handling courses and training.

If you are not well aware of the ways to plan and prepare for the course of manual handling training, there are numerous companies available on the internet to help you in this regard. Sometimes, hiring becomes an external supplier for providing the training of appropriate levels as a simple and cost effective manner. If you have hired someone, some sort of certification will also be needed by your staff members for proving that they have accomplished the appropriate training in this regard.

Hence, avoid delaying more in this year with ensuring that all staff members are well trained to the perfect level along with keeping the percentage of the injury and sickness to a minimum.

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