The Style, Form, And Make-Up Of Travel Press Releases

By | February 19, 2019

Many companies have to be active on the social media dealing with customers and potential customers every time to stay within the loop of their business. We have to write articles, bunch of them and submit too many places before we can get some ears closer to our mouth. The one different tool that has a great way of reaching the public and drawing undivided attention is press release.

Due to the effectiveness of this medium, it became a very costly tool after a short while and makes it very difficult for the average and small businesses to get featured consistently in the media – a fact that the internet is now resolving for us all. Instead of paying through our nose to get our travel press releases into few hands either locally or nationally through offline publications, we can have them featured for free on the internet, (at least as a beginner) and they will reach different people from different parts of the world.

It is always easy to sit and cramp out some letters with a headline and get them submitted to be published, but the truth remains that at least 45% of PR that are submitted everyday are rejected due to one reason or the other; most problems being that they don’t have what they are supposed to have. While you struggle to get your press releases featured, there are certain things that must not be lacking in them if you really want them accepted by the media and published.

The Release Date Of Your Travel Press Releases

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Some times you may find that many people don’t come online in weekends. For most people, this is when they have time to come and get some things done. That you are submitting your PR on weekends doesn’t necessarily mean that they must be published that weekend. Therefore, you must clearly indicate when you want the release to be published, like the following working day, two days later, etc.

Answer Readers Questions

Of course any PR that succeeds in getting readers more confused and left with unanswered questions is not newsworthy. Your release should answer questions like what is happening? Who does this affect? Why is this? When will it happen? Where will it take place? How will it be done? When these areas are touch you are then leaving your readers with tangible information to hold unto.

Descriptive Paragraph

The few lines that follow the heading of your release must be structured and informative. This is meant to give your readers a summary overview of what you are talking about. So it must be effective.

The Boilerplate

This affords you the opportunity to describe your company and the one you are representing. Don’t get the information mixed up. They must be clearly indicated and their functions made clear as well


Your travel press releases must contain necessary links and suggestions through which readers can find what you are talking about. Incase they want to check out your news, visit the website or take action on what they just read, you have to get ready for this and offer them the best route.

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