The Unique Rose

By | January 31, 2019

The little prince had a small planet, on which a delicate and charming rose suddenly unfolded. Previously, the planet only had some nameless flowers and the little prince had never seen such a beautiful flower, so he fell in love with this rose, taking good care of her.

During that period, he thought this is the only flower in the world. The flower can only be found on his planet and cannot exist in other places.

However, when he came to the earth, he found that only a garden had 5000 roses exactly the same as this kind of flower. Until this moment, he knew he just had an ordinary flower.

At first, this finding made the little prince very sad. But in the end, the little prince understood that, although there were countless flowers in the world, the one in his planet was still a unique flower. For that rose, he had watered, covered her with flower cover, protected with screen, killed caterpillars for her, listened her complaints and boasts, listened her silence and so on. In a word, he tamed her and so did she. She was the unique rose of his.

“It is just because you have spent time on your rose that your rose becomes so important,” said a fox, which was also tamed by the prince.

This is a famous fable in the French masterpiece—The Little Prince. I have read this fable several times, but until 2005 I just understood this.

Facing 5,000 roses, the little prince said: “You are very beautiful but empty, because no one is willing to die for you.”

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Only poured into love, intimate relationship can be meaningful. However, an empty “intimate relationship” is becoming more and more popular, and the most typical is the inundant for-one-night due to network.

We often hurry to own something. It seems as if the more roses we have, the more values our life has. In the age of Internet, having had dozens of lovers is no longer a rare thing. But according to what I know, none of these promiscuous people is not empty. They don’t enjoy the relationship but the feeling of conquer.

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