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By | August 29, 2018

An angel can also be a devil. But it is not necessary that your child’s naughtiness turns into a life of demands and tantrums. This always happens when we are stressed out and that’s when kids start to push our buttons. Parents often tend to react badly in such situations and may result in an outbreak of a never-ending loop of naughtiness. How do you tackle them then? By applying the right strategies we can definitely transform a little devil into a paragon of virtue. We will now take a look at those strategies and let’s discuss how they can be implemented.

Praise your kids
It is universally accepted that parents who often praise their kids for doing something right, will have well behaved children. Whenever they do something good, praise them and do tell them why you are doing so.

Play with your kids
At least 10 minutes of playtime with your kids a day, satisfies their need for power by allowing them to be the boss.

Control your temper
It’s not unusual that parents often threaten their kids when they get stressed by their kids’ behavior. So, think twice before you say something similar.

Reward your kids
Focus on anyone behavior you would like to change in your kid while using rewards. Reward them for showing a specific good behavior like going to bed on time rather than rewarding them for general good behavior. Children under the age of 8 are motivated the most by these acts of kindness.

Explain why they are right
You should let kids know why there are praised for or why they were rewarded. Parents should be explicit about what they have done right. Statements like: “You came at once when I called you”, or: “It was a good thing from your part to give your toy to your younger brother”, are often enough.

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Forget the past
Whenever you praise your kid or reward him/ her, never ever mention previous issues or problems. You don’t have to say: “You were much better today than yesterday.”

Restrict Television viewing
Parents often allow the idiot box or television to baby sit for them. There is always a chance of speech and language difficulties to occur in children under the age of 5 due to watching or staring at a TV screen for long. Parents should restrict their kids who are under the age of 3 to watch no more than 20 minutes of one single program which may be aimed for their age group.

Tackle whining
If your kid continues to whine even when you have ruled out their hunger or tiredness, try the following strategy. Let your kid know what whining sounds like by doing an imitation. Tell your kid to use their ‘right voice’ in future and when they do, praise them for that.

Now as we have discussed the different strategies to turn your kid from a little devil to a little angel, you are on the right path to turn off the drama that’s happening at home due to their naughtiness. Good Luck!

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