To Grasp the Branch of Life

By | February 4, 2019

A traveler on the prairie was chased by a furious beast. To escape, the traveler jumped into a well without water and thought he would be safe. However, he saw a dragon in the bottom of the well. The dragon saw him and opened its bloody mouth, wanting to swallow him. The dragon had been hungry for a long time and now it was so excited that a quarry can deliver himself to the well.

This unfortunate man dared not climb out of the mouth of this well, otherwise he would be eaten by the furious beast; he also did not dare to jump into the bottom of the well, otherwise he would be swallowed by the dragon. He grasped the branch of the wild shrubs growing in the crevices of the well, holding on it stubbornly.  

With increasing weakness of his hands, he felt he would soon surrender to the danger, which was waiting for him both in the mouth and bottom of the well. But he still tightly grasped the shrubs. Suddenly, two mice drew a circle around the main branch of shrubs he was grasping and then started gnaw it. The shrubs might break at any time and he could fall into the dragon’s huge mouth at any time. Seeing all of these, the traveler knew clearly that he would certainly die. However, when he clung to the shrubs stubbornly, he saw a few drops of honey hanging on the leaves of shrubs. So he stuck out his tongue and licked perhaps the last happiness. He thought even if he must die today, he should enjoy the life.

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Inspiration: A person in a pinch to eliminate a kind of single pressure and fear may be not extraordinary for the brave; and to eliminate various kinds of pressure and fear, in the situation of dilemma, and to fight the sinister forces with all your strength is particularly valuable. If you face the threats of force that cannot competed with, you can still be calm and free enough to discover and savor rare pleasure until the last moment of life, and it shows a true color of a hero that is real powerful and transcendent.

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