Top 5 Selling Skills a Marketer Must Possess (Product based sales)

By | September 3, 2018

Marketing consultants have to be good at selling products no matter what they are. Within a minute of meeting a potential client, they should be able to judge their requirements, find the right products and promote them to the customer along with a range of cross-sells or up-sells creating the most business to the company and a range of benefits for the customer.

But we all know that marketing is not easy. Assessing a customer, picking invisible clues in body language and then getting a customer to buy is not easy. In fact, most marketers have worked for years before they become experts in their fields. But there is no need to get worried. As a marketer, you should know that selling is easy provided you understand these five important selling skills and how they work.

  1. Perception is everything – Customers perceive an item in a particular way. For example, they may view an AC as a luxury item not for daily use. However, as a marketer, you have to be able to promote an AC as an affordable, daily economy, which will ensure better quality of life, a full night’s sleep and a much more comfortable day. It is all in the way you present it to the customer and how you convince the customer to follow and commit to the idea you have presented.
  2. Know your industry – Customers are now savvy enough to shop around and online before they actually decide to buy a product. As a result, we do recommend that you know your industry, your market and your product in-and-out. You should be well-read enough to counter any price, property and quality argument that a knowledgeable customer will come up with.
  3. Diversify your skills – Marketing is no longer limited to a single field and a single market. Tactics that are used online or in another field like trade show presentations are just as effective in getting leads and sales in another field as well. Always try to combine online marketing with real-time offers and discounts to get the best of your marketing campaigns.
  4. Understand data – Finance is a very important part of sales. You should be able to work out sales figures, discount rates and commissions quickly based on the product you are selling. Of course, not everyone is both a math wizard but with the right practice, you can do this mentally. Along with basic math and finance skills, marketers should also be able to interpret data. Market trends, styles and purchasing trends are compiled into statistical graphs and maps which are necessary for sales. Understanding these aids is necessary for a successful marketing career.
  5. Resilience and determination – Every customer is a potential sale. However, a few customers will slip through your hands. In such cases, determination and resilience are necessary to help you continue with your job and your career. 
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