Top Paying Jobs for College Students

By | January 29, 2019

Getting through college is a difficult task especially if you need to work to support your education. Fortunately, there are quite a number of job options out there for students in need. Some of these may be found inside the campus while others require hunting on the outside.

Be sure to secure the permission of your financial aid provider if you have one. Some bar students from taking on a job while working while others allow it with conditions. Meet with the financial aid officers at the school to discuss your options. There might be positions available at the library or at various offices around campus. There might be peer tutoring opportunities as well. Check every so often as some positions may open in the middle of the semester. 

If the jobs are scarce, then don’t be picky. Just get one that pays relatively well and fits your schedule. When something better comes up, you can always make a transfer. In case there is nothing available for you at the moment, you could place your name on the waiting list and ask to be notified of any new openings. Drop by the financial aid office from time to time to get updates.

Some jobs outside school may be flexible enough to work for your schedule. The community near the campus may be in the habit of hiring students as babysitters, gardeners, and the like. These may not be very taxing and the timetable could be arranged with the employer. These jobs may be posted in the local papers or in the school’s newsletter.

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You could also try to look for jobs in the area by browsing sites like that has entry-level part-time jobs which are perfect for students. A few career websites might have similar listings but these are probably limited and may not be as suitable.

Enterprising students will be able to market themselves to potential employers. Create a flyer with your credentials and post them around the campus or the community. You may also post ads on free sites like Craigslist. Mention your skills and previous work experiences, especially those which are relevant to the kind of jobs you would like to take on today. Talented musicians could teach guitar or piano lessons. Those who are good with pets can walk dogs. Others can do yard work or clean homes. These can be high paying jobs for college students if they gain enough experience and prove to be excellent employees.

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