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By | February 23, 2019

Training consultancy – the name itself gives you an idea what it is all about! It is the institution which provides you wide range of training services in the categories like career development, professional development training, personality development, soft skills training, project management training, leadership training and the list goes on. These training services help your professional growth within an organization and achieve the organizational goals.

The training consultancies offer various benefits such as initial consultations, quality training, training needs analysis, team building and lasting results. Let’s take an overview of the servicers offered by training consultancy:

· Career Development Plans – This is the tool which you can use to plot and record the growth and development in the career. It ensures enhancement of your capacity and capabilities, not only for the personal betterment but also to ensure the meeting of current and future business needs.

· Job Skills Assessment – If you are looking out for a job as a fresher or if looking forward to switch your career, than you may be wondering where your talent lies. The best way to determine this is by doing a job skill assessment. This will allow you to explore your personality type, find out what you’re good at, and determine your values.

· Competency Assessment – Competencies are a combination of several entities like motives, traits, attitudes, skills and abilities which differs you from a superior performer to an average performer. Since this assessment take a composite view of your ability to perform, they go beyond mere job knowledge. This becomes particularly useful when the definition of jobs itself changes under external competitive pressures.

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· Delivery Management – This is a much broader scale of project management. It involves organizing, administration, supervision of the people, processes and technologies, which get combines to successfully achieve client’s expectations.

· Training Effectiveness – This process involves the measurement of learning. The effectiveness of training is evaluated on various parameters like performance, tests, growth etc.

The Injazat Institue is an acclaimed training consultancy in the UAE. They offer wide range of training services and development programs to the industry professional and help grow their careers and attain success in the organizations!

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