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By | April 12, 2018

Optometrists are knowledgeable eye doctors that take great care of our vision.  They take part in a rigorous educational path in order to be as skilled as possible in the art of correcting and assisting with vision problems.  After their schooling is complete, they are still required to stay on top of the latest information that has been researched and put in use to help with vision correction.  They have formed two large eye doctor organizations, the American Optometrist Association and the American Optometrist Society, that share information on the latest technological advancements in vision correction.  These groups represent all optometrists throughout the United States.

They start by receiving a four year degree from an accredited institution.  After they complete these four years, they must then score well enough on the O.A.T., or Optometry Admissions Test, in order to be admitted into a graduate program.  To obtain their doctorate degree, future optometrists must complete another four year program where they receive hands on training.

They must then pass a national exam instituted by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.  This is a three part cumulative examination that tests a students full range of knowledge in Optometry.  Some will then go on to complete a one or two year residency where they are further trained in the specifics of their field.  They are then recognized as, what some may feel to be, a true Optometrist, but, as stated earlier, they must continue their education in order to stay current on topics within their field.

Having such an intense program enlisted on doctors, we are ensured they are fully educated, and are practicing their talents with the greatest amount of safety in mind.  Also, with the continued study these doctors have to perform, they continue to learn more about their line of work, and thus become better and more advanced in their field.  It’s a reassuring thought to know these doctors are working hard to help keep us and our eyes healthy.

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