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By | November 3, 2019

HE’s helped the likes of Strictly’s Viscountess Emma Weymouth and Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing to get into shape.

And now celebrity PT Rory Knight is sharing his top tips on how the rest of us can shed the pounds before the festive season kicks in.

 Made in Chelsea's Jamie is one of PT Rory's top celebrity clients


Made in Chelsea’s Jamie is one of PT Rory’s top celebrity clientsCredit: Instagram

In particular, Rory emphasises the need to make sure you’re in an overall calorie deficit – through overhauling your diet and fitness regime.

However, the fitness expert, who is a Royal Parks Half Marathon ambassador and Co-Founder of Track Life LDN, is keen to remind slimmers that it’s all about balance, and cheat days can certainly be enjoyed.

Here, he takes us through his top fitness and weight loss tips:

1. Train with friends

Rory says it can be a lot easier to get out of the door for a workout if you get your friends involved or join a club.

He says: “Find a crew or community to run or train with.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how motivating it is to train with like minded people committing to getting fitter together, rather than doing it alone.”

2. Try the 80:20 diet

Rory recommends trying the 80:20 approach to healthy eating – as it teaches you balance, moderation and indulging without a guilty feeling.

He says: “I try to stick to the 80:20 rule whereby I eat clean, fresh, unprocessed food 80 per cent of the time.

“The other 20 per cent I eat whatever I like!

“Eat smart and make sure you are including nutrient rich foods in your diet.”

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3. Get running

Running is possibly the best form of exercise out there when it comes to burning calories and shedding those pounds.

Rory says: “Running alone produces a high calorie burn, which coupled with a healthy eating regime, should facilitate weight loss, as long as you are in an overall calorie deficit.

 Rory recommends using the 80:20 food plan and training with friends


Rory recommends using the 80:20 food plan and training with friendsCredit: Rory Knight

“Simply, a calorie deficit means burning more calories than you put in.

“Basically, don’t undo your hard work through poor dietary choices.”

4. Download fitness apps

There are hundreds of apps that you can have in the palm of your hand, any hour of the day, that can help you track your calories and daily workouts.

Rory says apps like Map My Run can be key when it comes to blitzing body fat and tracking your progress – especially if you’re a keen runner.

He says: “Map My Run is a good app for tracking your progress (average pace, distance etc) and it also includes coaching feedback based on your metrics and results.

 Rory has helped Strictly's Emma Weymouth to get in shape


Rory has helped Strictly’s Emma Weymouth to get in shapeCredit: Instagram

“For me personally, my Apple Watch is an essential item as I can leave my phone at home and control my music and running apps through my watch.”

5. Have a cheat day

Despite being a honed athlete, Rory very much endorses having a cheat day.

He says: “Do what works best for you – we are all uniquely different. For me personally – absolutely have a cheat day!”

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6. Think of your ‘why’

Rory, who was named the UK’s ‘Smartest Coach 2019’ by Men’s Health, has revealed that you’ll get faster results if you hold yourself accountable and stay motivated.

He says: “Motivation has to come from within. I say to people to always think of their ‘why’.

Everyone has a reason why they train and this should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you are thinking of bailing out on a training session

Rory Knight

“Everyone has a reason why they train and this should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you are thinking of bailing out on a training session.

“Training with a group or with a friend will also help because it keeps you accountable.”

7. Set yourself a challenge

Rory is an ambassador for the Royal Parks Half Marathon, which took place earlier this month.

He recommends signing up for exciting challenges like this so you can set yourself a goal and have something to aim for.

He says: “Signing up to an event can help you significantly on your journey towards getting in shape, simply because you have a distinct goal or target to work towards.

 Rory recommends signing up for a challenge like the Royal Parks Half Marathon (pictured)


Rory recommends signing up for a challenge like the Royal Parks Half Marathon (pictured)Credit: Royal Parks Half Marathon

“By having this commitment, you are far more likely to adhere to your training regime and achieve enhanced results.

“Usually a big bonus in training for a performance based goal (i.e. a half marathon), is that it often leads to direct improvements in several other aspects of your life – improved cardiovascular health, enhanced mood, more energy, settled sleeping patterns, better dietary habits etc, which will have a positive impact on your body composition and overall shape.

“Make that commitment and reap the benefits.”

8. Include pace work

Running can be a lot more fun and interesting if you mix up the pace during your training sessions, according to Rory.

He says: “As well as gradually increasing your mileage on your long runs, incorporate speed work where you are working both at your target race pace and above your target race pace.

 Rory has helped celebrities including Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing to get into shape


Rory has helped celebrities including Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing to get into shapeCredit: @roryknightfitness/ Instagram

“Every single Track Life LDN session is tailored around making our participants faster, regardless of current ability level.

“Every session is uniquely different, with a big emphasis placed on improving your form.

“Anybody can run, but what’s important is improving your running technique because this will ultimately make you faster and more efficient.”

For more information on how you can secure a place in the 2020 Royal Parks Half Marathon, please visit https://royalparkshalf.com/

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