What diet should a ct have

By | October 30, 2020

what diet should a ct have

This website translates English to other languages using an automated tool. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translated text. There are several types of PET scans, depending on what is being scanned and what pharmaceutical is being used. The required preparations for the different types of PET are very different. It is important that you follow the correct preparation. If you are unsure which exam you are receiving, please call our scheduling department at: option 1.

Do not wear any jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces, or watches. Notify the technologist if you have ever had a reaction to any contrast dye, or if you are allergic to iodine or seafood. If you have concerns, talk with your doctor before you sign. Manage Your Care From Anywhere. The Cancer. The PET scan helps to detect the signs of high glucose consumption by cells. The technologist might raise, lower, or tilt the table during the scan. These may be different, depending on the specific scan you receive, but preparations often include: Avoid exercising 24 hours before the scan.

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Do not eat for 2. Francisco Jorge loquitia Mozambique. It is important that you follow the correct preparation. You may also be asked to remove hearing aids and removable dental work. April 4,

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