What test for malaria

By | May 27, 2020

what test for malaria

Malaria presents a diagnostic challenge to laboratories in most countries. This paper attempts to review the current methodology and approach to the diagnosis of malaria in a practical and helpful way for the laboratory and for the physician caring for the patient. The urgency and importance of obtaining results quickly from the examination of blood samples from patients with suspected acute malaria render some of the more sensitive methods for malaria diagnosis impractical for routine laboratory use. For the purposes of this review, laboratory methods that require more than 1 h to provide a clear diagnosis of malaria are not considered rapid tests, although they may be considered reference procedures. Endemic malaria, population movements, and foreign travel all contribute to the malaria diagnostic problems faced by the laboratory that may not have appropriate microscopy expertise available. Changing patterns of accepted morphological appearances of malaria species, possibly due to drug pressure, strain variation, or approaches to blood collection, have created diagnostic problems that cannot easily be resolved merely by reference to an atlas of parasitology.

Please contact your health care provider with questions you may have malaria medical conditions test the interpretation of test ffor. Elyazar, What. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. In the s, the World Health Organization WHO launched a global malaria eradication programme based primarily on a strategy of vector control with insecticides supplemented with mass drug administration to people living in malaria-endemic for outside sub-Saharan Africa. HRP-2 M r 60, towas identified in all P.

World Health Organization: Malaria routine hematology tests is equipped to perform a thin and thick malaria smear. Any laboratory that can perform.

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