What to consider when opting for custom-made furniture

By | August 22, 2020

Opting for custom-made furniture is therefore a sensible alternative, giving you a table, sideboard and chair (or whatever it may be), that’s the perfect fit. There’s plenty of things to consider however when choosing custom-made furniture, as Caroline and Andrew Olah from Reddie explain.

The couple always advise customers to start by selecting the right size and/or shape, making sure it fits perfectly in their desired space. Reddie has a curated collection that can be customised by size and material, such as solid teak wood, that can then be combined with metal, marble glass or wood.

The Olahs say it’s important to look at tones and colours that are already present in the space, so the materials/colours you choose are complementary.

Using dining tables as an example, the couple recommend choosing materials that balance a space, while considering the type of flooring in the room. For example, if you have a timber floor, opt for a marble top to break up the amount of wood.

Carrara marble (which is white-blue/grey in colour) will lighten up a space, whereas a Calcutta Viola or Forest Green marble will add texture, colour and richness. Alternatively, if you have a concrete or tiled floor, a beautiful timber table will add warmth and offset the cooler tones in the floor.

Marble and wood will always work beautifully together with coffee and side tables.

It’s important to look at tones and colours that are already present in the space, so the materials/colours you choose are complementary.

When it comes to size, the couple recommend a depth of at least 90 centimetres. You should also consider a spacing of at least one metre from the edge of the table to the walls, in order for the chairs to fit comfortably. If you have a traditional rectangular-shaped dining room, a rectangular design usually works best.

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For square rooms, you could either use a round or square dining table, while also taking into consideration the one metre rule. With more awkward shaped rooms, the Olahs recommend a round table, as it allows for you to flow around the edges.

CHIC: Reddie's Jay Rattan chair uses numerous materials with aplomb.

CHIC: Reddie’s Jay Rattan chair uses numerous materials with aplomb.

Together with these customising options, it’s also important to consider whether your customised piece can be easily delivered into your space (can it fit through your door or up your stairs?). If you are having a large piece made, furniture companies such as Reddie can create it in multiple parts to ensure ease of delivery – such options must be carefully explored before ordering however.

Also keep in mind the longer lead time for custom-made furniture, compared to ordering something that’s mass produced. It’ll usually be six to 12 weeks from placing the order to delivery, which may seem like a long time, but the satisfaction of having a piece that fits perfectly (and is much loved) in your space is absolutely worth it.

Most importantly, have fun with customising your furniture. The Olahs liken the process to ordering a little black dress that their clients can tailor to their needs, so you should ultimately enjoy the process too.

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